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AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls, 4 Adjustable Heights, 2~4 Stainless Steel Bowls
AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls, 4 Adjustable Heights, 2~4 Stainless Steel Bowls
AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls, 4 Adjustable Heights, 2~4 Stainless Steel Bowls
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AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls, 4 Adjustable Heights, 2~4 Stainless Steel Bowls

AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls, 4 Adjustable Heights, 2~4 Stainless Steel Bowls

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How often have you been told to “live in the moment”? What about the future - have you considered the fact that the choices you make today affect your tomorrow? Even if your dog is still young, the decisions you make now will affect their senior years. 

SPECIAL DESIGN & SILICON STOPPER - An extra-deep surface means cleaner eating every time. SAY NO TO SOGGY FOOD! Our Dog Bowls Elevated's ends are fitted with 4 silicon stoppers so the dog feeder remains steady while your dogs eat and prevent them from sliding dog bowls around.

REDUCES JOINTS, NECK & BACK STRAIN - Elevated dog bowls will encourage effective digestion and may reduce instances of gastrointestinal problems such as bloat. A great way to prevent painful and expensive problems in the future by treating your dogs as if they are already senior.

EASY TO ADJUST AND ASSEMBLE - Our dog bowls elevated can adjust easily to 4 heights(2.85"/ 8.76"/ 10.7/ 12.7") without tools. Each height is designed slightly different from others base on our research. Collapsible legs can be easily removed and tucked under the feeding platform for easy storage.

RUST RESISTANT - Dog food bowls are made of NON-MAGNETIC stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Their rust proof body is also suitable for induction cookware. Each dog bowl is 7.5" wide, by 3" deep. Can hold 47oz of dry kibble and water for half of the day.

ONCE AND FOR ALL - Our dog feeding station grows with your dog from puppyhood to their senior years! If your dog is not happy with the dog dishes elevated, please feel free to contact us. Happy pawrents make happy pets.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Yep! If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, we’ll work with you to make it right. Happy pawrents make happy pets. (It’s simple math). Smile. Wag. Purr. ‘nuff said. 


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Frequently Ask Question

1. Do elevated dog bowls cause bloat?

Bloating can and does occur in dogs that do not use an elevated feeder. Body shape/size, temperament, and breed may play a part in developing GDV. We can’t affect those factors. We can lower risk with meal frequency, meal size, time of exercise, food/water bowls. Dogs should have 2-3 smaller meals spread out across the day instead of one big one. Exercise should be avoided for a few hours after a meal

2.  Should dog bowls be elevated?

Elevated dog food bowls can be helpful with a couple of different medical problems. If dogs suffer from neck aches, it might be hard for them to eat from the ground. If so, an elevated food bowl might be useful for them. Canines coping with neck or back ailments or injuries may experience less pain or discomfort eating from elevated feeder. If your dog has megaesophagus, a raised food bowl may be prescribed by a vet

3. What Dog Breeds Need An Elevated Bowl

There’s no specific breed that’s a better fit for elevated bowls that others. It’s more about the size and health of your dog. Elevated bowls are a great fit for any dogs that struggle with mobility issues. Having your dog’s bowl higher off the ground puts less strain on your dog’s neck.