AveryDay Elevated Dog Bowls- 4 Heights & 4 Stainless Steel Pet Bowls – Your AveryDay™
[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)
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[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)
[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)
[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)
[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)

[Limited Addition]- AveryDay™ Raised Dog Bowls (Marble-Grey)

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WANT TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH STATUS? - Our Elevated Dog Bowls For Large Dogs has 4 odd heights that will encourage effective digestion and reduce instances of gastrointestinal problems such as bloat.

WANT DOG'S SENIOR LIFE BE EASY? - Raised dog food bowl can reduce the strain on dogs' neck, back and joints. Is a great way to prevent painful and expensive problems by providing them comfortable eating posture.  Dog Bowls Elevated will also encourage dogs to drink more water!

YOU HAVE MESSY DOGS? - An extra-deep surface means cleaner eating every time. Say No To Soggy Food! Our dog bowl stands for large dogs are fitted with 4 silicon stoppers so the dog bowl stand remains steady while your dogs eat and prevent them from sliding dog bows around.

WORRY ABOUT DOG FOOD AND WATER BOWLS? - We provide 2 or 4 Food-Grade, NON-MAGNETIC stainless steel dog bowls that is dishwasher safe and rust free. Don't bother to wash dog food bowl everyday!

JUST GOT A PUPPY? - Our dog bowl set grows with your dog from puppyhood to their senior years! We provide life-time company. If your dog is not happy with the dog bowl holder,  please feel free to contact us. Happy pawrents make happy pets. Patent Registered. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Yep! If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, we’ll work with you to make it right (100% refund policy). Let your dogs try it first and decide later! No pressure!

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Frequently Ask Question

1. Do elevated dog bowls cause bloat?

Bloating can and does occur in dogs that do not use an elevated feeder. Body shape/size, temperament, and breed may play a part in developing GDV. We can’t affect those factors. We can lower risk with meal frequency, meal size, time of exercise, food/water bowls. Dogs should have 2-3 smaller meals spread out across the day instead of one big one. Exercise should be avoided for a few hours after a meal

2.  Should dog bowls be elevated?

Elevated dog food bowls can be helpful with a couple of different medical problems. If dogs suffer from neck aches, it might be hard for them to eat from the ground. If so, an elevated food bowl might be useful for them. Canines coping with neck or back ailments or injuries may experience less pain or discomfort eating from elevated feeder. If your dog has megaesophagus, a raised food bowl may be prescribed by a vet

3. What Dog Breeds Need An Elevated Bowl

There’s no specific breed that’s a better fit for elevated bowls that others. It’s more about the size and health of your dog. Elevated bowls are a great fit for any dogs that struggle with mobility issues. Having your dog’s bowl higher off the ground puts less strain on your dog’s neck. 

4. Dimension of AveryDay DOG FOOD BOWLS ELEVATED

- Our Raised Dog Dish has length 19.37" with 4 odd heights (2.85"/ 8.76"/ 10.7"/ 12.7") that can actually reduce the strain on their joints and decrease the chance of bloat at the same time
- Stainless steel dog food and water bowl has 8.55"H X 2.68" Depth

- If you don't want to purchase multiple pet bowl for your newborn puppy that grows in a blink of an eye
- This is a dog bowls for Medium, large dogs and Senior dogs
- Dogs who have high potential joints problems such us Corgi, Dachshund, Bulldog, Poodle