AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder – Your AveryDay™
AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder
AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder
AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder
AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder
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AveryDay™ Premium Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

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PAINLESS & STABLE GRINDER STONE NUT - The dog nail grinder is improved with diamond bit grinder, which is safer and more effective than nail clipper to trim pet nails, reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurt your pet. The upgrade grindstone nut can make the grinder rotate more stably, reduce the vibration and improve the work efficiency as well as soothe dog's anxiety.

3 SIZE PORTS & 2 SPEED SWITCH - The Dog nail trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design, powerful enough to support heavy grinding. There are three ports in the grinder area; you can use it depending on your pet’s nail size. The trimmer is widely applied to small, Medium, Large pets.

QUIET & LOW VIBRATIONS - The dog nail clippers uses high-speed motor precision accessories, which have the advantages of small size, low noise and long service life. Equipped with 2 speed switch, it work noise of lower than 40 DB, help the pet feel ease when trimming their nails.

CHARGE 3 HOUR & WORK MORE 5 HOURS - The pet nail clippers is rechargeable, and includes a USB wire for your convenience. It runs for up to 5 hours and supports rechargeable by mobile power, PC, adapters, etc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Yep! If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, we’ll work with you to make it right. Happy pawrents make happy pets. (It’s simple math). Smile. Wag. Purr. ‘nuff said.


How to use the dog nail grinder?

1. First accustom your dog to the sound of the grinder. Do this by turning on the grinder and offering him some irresistible treats. This way, he can begin associating the sound with a pleasant reward.
2. Make sure dog is in a comfortable position. Carefully place the grinder onto the nail, choosing the appropriately sized port when using a nail guard. And please start with the low speed.
3. Only grind a small amount at a time. Grind across the bottom and then carefully in from the tip of the nail, smoothing rough edges as you go. Rewarding your dog every single time you do one of the steps.