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While traditional single-rope dog leashes serve their purpose, they are outdated and very limiting for both you and your perfect pooch. Even though traditional leashes are secure, they are only adjustable to a certain length and don’t allow your dog the freedom they deserve – because they’re constantly pulling at the tether.

With the AveryDay Retractable Dog Leash, one simple button-press will stop your pup at the leash-length of your choice. Keep them close when walking next to the road, or let the leash reach its maximum length when out for a fun day at the park.

Additionally, the AveryDay Retractable Dog Leash is equipped with an LED flashlight, perfect for navigating late night walks or when you need to pick up some puppy poop in the dark! This light has a battery life of up to seven days and is rechargeable using a Type-C charging cable. Now, passers-by can witness the magnificence of your pooch even when the sun goes down.


BONUS! As dog owners, it’s our responsibility to pick up after our K-9 companions and maintain a sanitary and poop-free environment for all. And so, the AveryDay Retractable Dog Leash is also embedded with a poop-bag storage compartment, meaning you’ll have everything you need to help clean up your doggy’s walk-time doo-doo’s.

This compartment isn’t only helpful in providing a compact storage spot for your puppy’s poop packets, but it’s also able to hold up to 6 days of disposal supplies.

Get your AveryDay Retractable Dog Leash today and experience the new way of spending quality time with your best furry friend. Free your dog, and free yourself.